From the long winter of our discontent comes the beautiful third issue of harvest. Spring 2009 is now ready to join the bookshelves of all discerning readers, writers, artists and stockists.

Spring 2009 harvest issue three

Spring 2009 harvest issue three

JESSICA AU on torn sinews, loaded guns and the violence of memory

LISA MAMONE on Nazi prisoner and sassy humourist P.G. Wodehouse

NATHAN DAVIES and PATRICK O’NEIL on Indiana Jones, travel writing and the nature of adventure

Feature poet KYLIE ROSE, with an introduction to her work by GEOFF LEMON

PENELOPE CHAI on reigniting sisterly love with feathers and Smash Hits

JOSEPHINE ROWE on forlorn neighbours and the scars of desire

EMMA SCHWARCZ on death, tragedy and life’s waylaid plans

GREG FOYSTER on whether technology is making us read differently

PAUL DEE on the sound of guilty mistakes

BELLE TAYLOR on discovering a love of book clubs

POETS Cameron Lowe, Ella HolcombeJeff Klooger, Simon Cox and Thuy Linh Nguyen

Cover art from Young Australian Designer of the Year ALLISON COLPOYS.

Also featuring art from Australian and international artists, including GREEDY HEN, Dan-ah Kim, ALIETTE, Stella Kalaw, SHELLEY KOMMERS, Amy Borrell, IRANA DOEUR, Steven Ketchum and LUPEN GRAINNE. 

Test your literary investigative skills with Harvest-o.

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