Hello harvesters

We hope you all moved forward with the change of the season and are ready to get out and about because coming up at the Melbourne Writers Festival this Sunday 5th September is us. Yes.

harvest is excited to be taking part in the Magazine program this weekend along with Meanjin, Ampersand and The Big Issue. We’ll be hosting the Sunday morning session of this free event at the Crate by the Yarra. If you venture close to the water, you’ll have a chance to:

  • 10am Hear about harvest design with Imogen Stubbs, our very own art director.
  • 10.30am Listen as MWF guest Anjum Hasan takes time out with some poetry readings.
  • 11am Meet Lachlan Carter, Emma Hewitt and Jenna Williams who will discuss the Early harvest children’s project.
  • 11.30am Get to know, Known, Unknowns author Emmett Stinson as he shares some of his work.
  • 12noon Watch the word battle begin in the inaugural harvest Poetry Fight Club featuring David Astle, Chris Flynn, Dana Minchin and Rob Williams.
  • 12.30pm Delve into the deleted chapter from American journalist Jake Adelstein’s book, Tokyo Vice.
  • 1pm Play a literopoly of harvest-o games with bookworms and finger-twisters.

Cupcakes for early arrivals.