So good we named it twice. Thanks to those that provided feedback on our feedback and brightened up our day. It’s been such a long and much more intensive process than we initially imagined, due mainly to the amazing amount of submissions and pitches and art we received for issue one.

While we’ve toiled together to produce harvest, we’ve also read, reacted and responded to each submission. For us, harvest is also about cultivating fresh voices, and we wanted to provide comments that consisted of more than just one line with ‘no thanks’ or ‘yes please, give us more’. 

“Now I have a feel for strengths and weaknesses and far better idea of the areas I need to work on. I am looking forward to it… Yours has been the first objective assessment of my work and I appreciate your considered response.” B.

Geoff Lemon is harvest‘s poetry editor and he did an excellent job feeding back to all the submitting poets. Particularly as like us all, he only gets paid in karma kind.

We know we’ve lacked the speed of software generated responses, but sometimes this crazy harvest journey has been much more chaotic than anticipated.

“Thanks for your considered feedback, Harvest team. I will continue to fire work at you for later issues.” M.

Please accept our apologies – to those that waited, and to those that are possibly still waiting. Rest assured your feedback has been posted/emailed/ and/ or in transit. In the meantime, we hope you take encouragement from some of the responses on this page. And yes harvesters, unlike the silicone skin of Hollywood, they’re real, and they’re from you.

Just wanted to say THANK-YOU for taking the time to provide feedback on my submission.” L.

“Dear Harvest,
I just wanted to write and say thank you for the feedback you sent me a week or so ago for my story… I was completely rapt that you took the time to offer such a detailed and insightful response. I don’t think I could have been happier if it was an acceptance (okay maybe I could have but for a rejection letter it was pretty damn nice!)” J.

“Dear Harvest,
Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful feedback you gave for my story… You gave me a ton of wonderful things to think about in regards to building the character.” A.