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While we’re still dusting off the printing press, debating typography and discussing the pros and cons of a well placed unspaced ellipsis, the harvest train is now gearing up for its June release. Yes harvesters, you know this has been a topsy-turvy journey, but it’s all going to be worth it when our incredible issue one hits the stands next month.

The harvest team has busied itself these past few months, digging down and cutting back, transplanting and planning for the long term sustainability of our brand new magazine. We digested an amazing bunch of submissions. We watched the sultry autumn days fade away and sometimes even wondered whether harvest may have to take an early hibernation. 

But, our small band has successfully toiled together. The literary seeds are sown and harvest is definitely on its way. 

Details on the launch will be listed soon and information distributed to all our fabulous supporters/subscribers. We’ll also post details on those splendid stores where you can pick up your very own copy of the very first harvest.

We hope to see you out and about in Melbourne town, helping to celebrate the publication of a magazine dedicated to showcasing new and emerging artists. 

We hope you’ll love reading our first issue. It’s for you.

Alas harvesters, we’ve finally had enough of our email bug and have reluctantly decided to spray the crop.

If you joined up via the old email address, don’t panic. We’ve rolled you over into the new paddock. You’ll keep hearing all of our news over the coming months…. probably more often than you want, with harvest about to leap into the literary landscape.

We also love hearing from you and reading your fine words. Thanks for all the happy thoughts and words of support.

Please keep talking to us through our new email:

Marg Dobson’s Melbourne Fringe Festival play: Ok, So I’m 40 Something is supporting harvest magazine. We’re heading down to the North Melbourne Town Hall on Wednesday 10 October 2007. For more details on the play, visit:

Thanks to all the kind harvesters who came along last Thursday night to Cinema Nova to watch the sweet, Irish flick, ‘Once’ and supported our fundraising endeavours. We’ve raised some money towards the production costs but there’s a way to go yet…

Maybe it was the pre-movie Baileys’ choc tops or the warm inner glow radiating our from the supporters, but ‘Once’ certainly seemed to hit the right chord.  And deservedly so. A lovely, low-budget, romantic, modern-day musical (a romical?) that harvest gives two thumbs up. It’s the kind of film that makes you rush out and purchase the soundtrack, all the time wishing that you could find your own Irish singer-songwriter to play zither with.