A winter wonderland of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and art that’ll get your literary fires burning.

Warm yourself up with:

Dan Bigna on that dirty old man of American letters, Charles Bukowski

Chris Flynn on literature that transcends national boundaries

Ruby Murray on a family death that ripples among siblings

Nicola Redhouse on fleeing persecution to find safety in new soil

Tara June Winch on her creative mentorship with writer Wole Solyinka, and her plans to promote literacy among women

Anthony Levin on deconstructing the process of writing poetry

Ryan O’Neill on the darkly humorous world of literary stoushes

Cover art by Dawn Tan

Feature poet Nandi Chinna on the Western Australian wilds, place names and Reconciliation, with an introduction to her work by Josephine Rowe

Max Noakes on an accident that leads to the creation of a monster

Poems from award-winning Anna Krien, Kit Brookman, Lorraine McGuigan and Ursula Horlock.

Beautiful images from Eirian Chapman, Emma Hewitt, Genna Campton, Paul Blow, Danna Ray, Allison Colpoys, Gordon Wiebe and James Gulliver Hancock

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