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While we’re still dusting off the printing press, debating typography and discussing the pros and cons of a well placed unspaced ellipsis, the harvest train is now gearing up for its June release. Yes harvesters, you know this has been a topsy-turvy journey, but it’s all going to be worth it when our incredible issue one hits the stands next month.

The harvest team has busied itself these past few months, digging down and cutting back, transplanting and planning for the long term sustainability of our brand new magazine. We digested an amazing bunch of submissions. We watched the sultry autumn days fade away and sometimes even wondered whether harvest may have to take an early hibernation. 

But, our small band has successfully toiled together. The literary seeds are sown and harvest is definitely on its way. 

Details on the launch will be listed soon and information distributed to all our fabulous supporters/subscribers. We’ll also post details on those splendid stores where you can pick up your very own copy of the very first harvest.

We hope to see you out and about in Melbourne town, helping to celebrate the publication of a magazine dedicated to showcasing new and emerging artists. 

We hope you’ll love reading our first issue. It’s for you.

Alas, like much of Australia, harvest has also been touched by the severe drought gripping the nation. While our spirit remains stoic, our time has begun to run dry.

We’re still dedicated to bring you a beautiful literary bounty, but our publication date has been pushed out. Although we’ve been working as fast as the daily grind allows, our first issue will find its way into your hands, hearts and minds mid-2008.

Lots of love, sweat and typing has gone into providing author feedback. Letters should be trickling down through the post over the coming weeks.

Submissions for issue two are still warmly welcomed and raptuously received.

Your understanding and support for harvest has been fantastic. Thanks for helping to keep the literary landscape flourishing.

Alas harvesters, we’ve finally had enough of our email bug and have reluctantly decided to spray the crop.

If you joined up via the old email address, don’t panic. We’ve rolled you over into the new paddock. You’ll keep hearing all of our news over the coming months…. probably more often than you want, with harvest about to leap into the literary landscape.

We also love hearing from you and reading your fine words. Thanks for all the happy thoughts and words of support.

Please keep talking to us through our new email:

Happy 2008 harvesters! We hope you had a fab festive season.

The heatwave gripping Melbourne has kept the harvest team stuck to our editorial desks as we feverishly prepare for edition one.  Hurrah for icy, cold fizzy pop and booming blasts of air con.

It’s all hands on deck as the first publication date draws near. Issue one authors will be notified very soon…if not already. And, we’re still working on providing feedback to all of you who have submitted. We can’t guarantee we won’t fall behind. We’re truly sorry about that. Our hands can only stretch so far.

Check out the submissions page for our Issue two Winter deadlines.

harvest has been busy sifting through the gadzillions of entries for our first edition – ta muchly to all the writers who have taken the time to submit their work! Since the 30 November deadline, you’ve kept us all incredibly busy reading your fine words and fierce prose. 

We were hoping to get back to all of you before 2007 was over but with that deadline looming fast and furiously, a response will likely end up greeting you in the new year. Unfortunately harvest has had a few recent email hiccups so some messages have been sent but not received, lost and never found. We’re getting on top of the problem but we also want to enjoy some of the fun of the festive season.

Selections for edition one are currently underway; however, we’re also looking towards the second harvest which will be blooming mid-2008. If you’d like to submit work for our next edition, please take a look at our guidelines, our influences and our ideas. You can send your words to us via post or email. Just mark that it’s for ‘edition two’.

harvest has been given a great kick start with your submissions coming in fast and furiously. A humungous thanks to all those who have taken time to review our guidelines and submitted their work! It’s been amazing to see the harvest postbox and inbox brimming with entries.

We’re accepting submissions until 30 November so we’ll be reading all the pieces over the coming weeks. Please be patient with us. We promise to drop you a line as soon as we can.

Many thanks also to all the writers across Australia who’ve taken time out to say hello and register their interest in harvest. We really appreciate all your well wishes, and support for our literary venture.

harvest is due to sprout in March 2008.