harvest has been busy sifting through the gadzillions of entries for our first edition – ta muchly to all the writers who have taken the time to submit their work! Since the 30 November deadline, you’ve kept us all incredibly busy reading your fine words and fierce prose. 

We were hoping to get back to all of you before 2007 was over but with that deadline looming fast and furiously, a response will likely end up greeting you in the new year. Unfortunately harvest has had a few recent email hiccups so some messages have been sent but not received, lost and never found. We’re getting on top of the problem but we also want to enjoy some of the fun of the festive season.

Selections for edition one are currently underway; however, we’re also looking towards the second harvest which will be blooming mid-2008. If you’d like to submit work for our next edition, please take a look at our guidelines, our influences and our ideas. You can send your words to us via post or email. Just mark that it’s for ‘edition two’.